About Us


Our Philosophy


It wasn't long ago...

that when you walked into your local butcher shop, the proprietor would stop what he was doing and greet you by name. After asking how your son was doing with piano lessons and speculating that the local high school basketball team might really have a shot at state this year, he'd hand over the usual - without you even needing to order. A local craftsman that truly cared about community and the people he was serving. He never cut corners and always took pride in his work. He was always relational, never transactional.  

We at Hambone have adopted this same approach to making videos. We're a small boutique studio that focuses on producing the highest quality content. We care about our clients and the people who work with us. We're storytellers and take pride in the videos we produce. We're not a factory line pumping out the same thing over and over again. We're architects who take the time to listen to your needs in order to help you create the best video possible. We don't cut corners.  We go above and beyond. 

You've spent a ton of time and resources building your company/product/service, and you're super pumped about it. Let us help you tell the world how awesome it is in a simple and clear way that gets them as excited about it as you are. 

How We Work

We believe in good, hard work. We roll up our sleeves and give it everything we have. We love what we do and continually work to hone our craft. We leave it all on the table - every project, every time.

Always relational -  never transactional
We care about the people we work with, so we’re all about authentic relationships... not faceless transactions. We come from big agencies where employees are cogs and clients are dollar signs. We pay employees well, take care of our clients, AND turn a profit. It’s possible for everyone to win.

Mean what you say, and say what you mean
Trust is key. We know that it’s earned slowly and lost quickly... so we don’t take it lightly when clients trust us to tell their story. We work our asses off to earn that trust AND keep it. We communicate genuine stories about products. No snake oil salesmen here.

Blow people away
We provide great experiences for everyone we work with - from first call to final deliverable, and beyond. We make sure that each person understands that they are important to us.

Once upon a time… we tell stories!
Since the dawn of humanity, stories have been the most effective tool for delivering important information and entertainment. We help clients craft their story so that it’s an effective part of their marketing strategy.

Not overly corporate -  Be real
We connect with people where they’re at - we speak their language. We ditch the jargon and talk to our client’s audiences like friends, not a company.

Audiences can tell when someone really cares about them. So we listen to their story and truly understand what they’re going through… and show them how our clients genuinely make their lives better.


All of this can all be summed up in our mission statement...

Make rad stuff with rad people.