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Our strength as a video agency is taking complex products and services, finding what will really connect best with the target audience, and executing on the deliverable(s) in a clear and concise way.


Project: Residency
Direct Contact: Debbie Phipps
Brief: Create an explainer video to illustrate how Residency works and why it’s often a better option than hiring full time employees.

Motion Graphics

Project: Wireless Networking
Direct Contact: Kamesh Kothuri
Brief: Showcase the value props of Areohive and Ruckus in the Dell ecosystem.


Project: VxBlock 1000
Direct Contact: Nicole Sweeney
Brief: Build hype and attendance for a webinar announcement of a new product, VxBlock 1000.


Project: Premium Support Plus (Current WIP)
Direct Contact: Stephanie Pirrong
Brief: Create an engaging gamer-centric live-action video highlighting the value of having Premium Support Plus on your Alienware devices.


Working with Hambone has been an absolute pleasure. What I appreciate about them most is their flexibility and responsiveness. They worked with us to meet our budget and delivered projects under extremely tight deadlines. They have a well streamlined process and a knack for slimming down our content and messaging to get to the heart of the matter. And now that they are officially “Dell EMC branding certified” we can continue to work with them in the future!

Donna Brasure
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Global Services Marketing


Project: VxFlex Family Infographic
Direct Contact: Donna Brasure
Brief: Design an infographic describing the different aspects of VxFlex family.


I’ve worked with the team from Hambone Collective on three separate projects because the work they produce is fantastic. Their “secret sauce” is helping clients distill complex topics into short, easy to consume stories that make an impact with our target markets and audiences. And just as importantly, they do this on time, on budget, in a very collaborative way. I can’t recommend them enough.

Keith Waryas
Senior Director of Operations and Strategy
Dell EMC Services


We helped brainstorm and hone-in theme concepts, leading to an ‘Automated Racecar’ idea. This showcased two of the offerings main differentiators: Automation and Speed. From there we developed and pitched different booth activations.


Project: Project Mercury
Direct Contact: Justin Jones
Brief: Create an engaging whisper suite experience - one that stood out from the crowd, got the attention of the target audience (sales associates), and got them excited about the new offerings. 

Deliverables: We wanted to make it as easy as possible to set up the full experience, so Hambone handled the creative and execution of the following activations, providing the client with just one single point of contact:


Custom logo: To fit the racing theme, we designed a custom logo to work across all activations.


Custom Android App: The app was designed to look like the dashboard of a futuristic automated Formula 1 car. This played back on 3 tablet devices that booth visitors could pickup and interact with.


Videos: On the dashboard of the custom App lived 3 videos that attendees could watch. Each video focused on a specific value proposition from the offering.


Powerpoint: A themed Powerpoint to display rotating information about the offer.


Polos and hats: To make those running the booth feel like a part of the experience, we dressed them up as pit-crew members, each with an embroidered polo and hat - with the logo on each.


Custom automated racetrack: To grab the attention of attendees walking by, we purchased an automated toy racecar track. Hambone custom painted and applied decals to the racecars and track, again to make them feel cohesive to the overall experience.


Finished Presentation


Additional Services: Projection Mapping, Snapchat and Instagram Lenses

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We're a boutique agency that focuses on producing the highest quality content. We care about our clients and the people who work with us. We're storytellers and take pride in the videos we produce. We're not a factory line pumping out the same thing over and over again. We're architects who take the time to listen to your needs in order to help you create the best video possible. We don't cut corners.  We're always relational, never transactional.