Why Recruiters Attract Talented People with Video

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First impressions are everything when it comes to landing a job - for job candidates and recruiters. Most job postings can yield several hundred applicants, so recruiters heavily rely on first impressions as a way to narrow down their candidate pool.


Job seekers are regularly polishing their first impression so they can (hopefully) resonate with the interviewer. Candidates lay out their clothes the night before, make sure they are well-groomed, practice their handshake, rehearse what they will say in the mirror - and the list continues.


While some recruiters end up with hundreds of resumes, individual candidates (especially entry-level) may submit their resume to hundreds of jobs. That means first impressions are equally crucial for recruiters looking to find top-candidates.


Why use video content in recruiting?

Let’s go over why recruiters need to add video in the first place. Due to the high cost of bringing on new employees, adding a new recruiting asset (and expense) will need to be thoroughly vetted by you and your team.


Company culture is one of the main criteria points that candidates look at when searching for a new employer. When you place a well-crafted story into a video format, people imagine themselves inside the video playing the "hero" role. This same principle applies to your recruiting content.


When you put your brand's story into a video format and show candidates what it's like to work for your company, it makes it easier for them to picture themselves on your team, and it makes it more likely that they will apply. Recruiting videos can be a little longer than the traditional 1-2 minute videos - we suggest keeping them under 10-minutes. Take your time to tell your company's story and make candidates fall in love with the culture.


Brands using recruiting videos



Zendesk manages your company's customer experience channels, so you don't have to. Their recruiting videos have a strong presence of storytelling elements, and it makes it possible to see yourself working for their company. This video sets the bar for recruiting video standards!



Not only does Madwire offer rad digital marketing software, but they also have an office with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains! Situated in the heart of Fort Collins, Colorado, Madwire quickly took off in the marketing industry by offering fantastic software and being a great place to work. I have visited the Madwire office and met their team, and their recruiting videos are just a glimpse into their impressive culture.



Google is a big company with a vibrant, happy, and motivated workforce. Their employment opportunities are just as expansive and diverse as their products and services, and they have no shortage of candidates willing to join the legendary team. Google immediately attracts candidates by featuring life on the Google campus, and stories from employees in various departments. It's hard not to browse their open jobs once you watch their recruiting video!


Taylor Landrum