How to Increase Your Website Traffic with Video

Video marketing works well for the majority of companies that use it in their marketing strategy. 2019 statistics show 87% of businesses are using video marketing, and 99% of those companies will continue to use video marketing in the future.

Brands love video content because it can boost customer engagement, which leads to higher sales. You can communicate a large amount of information to your consumers in an incredibly efficient way by using short videos. This is why 87% of consumers want to see more video content from brands than they do today.

Your website is a great place to use videos. It keeps customers on your page longer and delivers a tremendous amount of value in the shopping experience. Video content educates customers about your brand, what you offer, and how you make their lives better. The video can also show your customers how to use your products all within a couple of minutes.


Boosting Web Traffic with Videos: 101

Video content is the most consumed form of content on the internet. Videos make up 60% of all monthly mobile data traffic today, and it's projected to reach 74% in the next 5 years.

What does that mean for your brand? The first step is to do an evaluation of your current content to see how much video you are using. If you are not using any, start slow and let the videos complement the rest of your website.

Find the Right Balance

There needs to be a good blend of visual and written content on your website. When you start creating video content, start out by making 10% of your content video and 90% written.

As you figure out what works, adjust your video-to-written content ratio until you've found the perfect balance for your brand. Some brands benefit from more videos compared to others. It all depends on what makes the best shopping experience for your customers.

Keep Them Engaged

The statistics from Wyzowl also show that video is very useful in boosting website traffic. 84% of marketers say that video has increased traffic on their sites.

That's a really high number. You're probably asking the same question I asked when I saw that number. How much did it increase? Websites using video see an average of 41% more search traffic compared to companies without it. 

When it comes to organic traffic from search engines, websites using video saw a 157% average increase. That's a lot of traffic!

Video increases dwell time as well. 81% of marketers say their website dwell time has improved due to video content. Increasing your dwell time will improve your bounce rate as well. This leads to higher sales if you've constructed the right sales path for your customers. 


Closing Thoughts


Google takes a lot of elements into consideration when determining how to rank websites on search results. One thing Google looks for is the type of content you have, and how often you update it. Having the right blend of written and visual content, you will get higher placement compared to brands that are lacking in visual content.

Taylor Landrum