Technical Industries are Boosting Engagement with Video

Videos enable you to cover a myriad of technical information in just a couple of minutes. Brands from every industry, no matter how complex, are using explainer videos to clearly define what they offer and show their products in action. 

Shoppers want to know as much information about your products as possible before they decide to make a purchase, especially if your products have hefty price tags. 

Explainer videos are a way to tell your customers a large amount of technical information in the most efficient way possible. These videos can be used on your product's landing page or during customer on-boarding after they have completed the purchase. 

When creating the script for this type of video, it is best to put together a list of questions you know your customer is asking when evaluating your product. From there, you can mold the script by showing what solutions you have for the problems they experience. 


There is a wide variety of companies operating in the software as a service industry today, each of them having unique and technical features. Infographics and beautifully laid out webpages can only do so much to educate your customers on the full potential of your SaaS solution.

Adding a video explainer to the mix will aid your customers as they search for information on your landing page, and shows them how to navigate your platform from start to finish.


Medical professionals go through years and years of schooling and on-the-job technical training, and we trust our lives with the knowledge and skills they have. Understandably, the layman needs some visual aids to follow along with the complex information. 

Explainer videos simplify communication in healthcare B2B, which can get highly technical in most sectors. Brands are using helpful visual aids to help guide the conversation, and it helps the viewer see the value in your services quicker than if they were reading about it.

Data Processing

If you work in any data processing field, you are likely familiar with the glossed-over look that people get when you get two sentences into describing what you do for a living. Most information technology industries are highly technical and speak in acronyms, making it difficult for most of us to keep up. When your brand does data processing, it is much more effective to show people what you do.

Explainer videos are an IT company’s best friend. In two minutes or less, you can explain a very complicated subject matter to a highly skilled and trained IT audience, and also to the decision-makers in the company that may not be as technically versed. 

Final thoughts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that may not be enough if your brand has many moving pieces to explain. Videos allow you to tell your audience a myriad of information in a short time, and in a way that your audience will retain and recall later. 

While several different types of video formats exist in the business landscape, explainer videos can be used by every industry in the game. With social media, digital ads, and landing pages, you can place your explainer video in almost every area that your audience visits online. 

Taylor Landrum