Expert Tips for Making Engaging Facebook Videos

Facebook empowers brands big and small to reach a large audience with video content. TV long ruled as the sole video content provider for consumers, but that is not the case today. Placing video ads on TV is 20x more expensive than Facebook, and you only gain around twice the reach. While TV is a great medium for reaching a mass audience, Facebook takes home the gold for being able to target specific and custom audiences.

While Facebook is the most cost-effective option for video ads, there is certainly not a shortage of content on the platform. Millions of videos are watched every day on the social media platform, so it can be easy for your videos to get lost in the noise. Check out these tips and best practices before you drop a video on your Facebook page.

Introduce Your Brand Quickly

Facebook users watch videos in short bursts, so it’s important to catch your audience’s attention quickly. Within the first few seconds, you should introduce your brand and tell viewers exactly why they should care. 

Since the users are scrolling through a myriad of engaging videos, always begin your videos with a quick brand intro. This will boost your brand awareness with a large audience, and also cause your true target customers to take a break from everyday content to watch your video.

Keep It Short

Across most digital platforms, it’s best to keep your videos at two-minutes or less. With Facebook, it’s half that, with an ideal video length of 60-seconds. Consumers are more engaged with content that is brief and valuable. 

Keeping your videos at a shorter length also helps with budgeting. This makes it more feasible to create a series of marketing videos around one central message that can be uniquely used for each social media platform.

Optimize for Mobile

96% of Facebook users access the platform on mobile devices, mainly via smartphones and tablets. Putting your video in a vertical or square aspect ratio will ensure viewers receive a positive visual experience designed for their device. 

Mobile-friendly Facebook ads receive the highest aided recall compared to longer narrative video ads. When it comes to aided recall, brand presence is what matters most. It takes longer for brands to introduce themselves in narrative video ads; mobile-friendly video ads introduce the brand within the first few seconds.

Use Subtitles

Facebook users watch videos without sound 85% of the time. To convey a valuable brand message, you’ll need to get creative in a muted-video environment. Most of us are watching Facebook videos during times when it is too quiet to play it over our phone speaker, or during times that are too loud, rendering our phone speaker ineffective. 

Adding subtitles is a great solution for capturing your audience’s attention and delivering useful information. The more convenient your mobile video ad is, and the more effective you are at getting your message in front of viewers regardless of sound, the more engagement you’ll get.

Tell a Good Story

People engage with brands that tell a story they can see themselves in. Brands that use a storytelling format in their marketing see higher engagement from their audience. There are a lot of really incredible things that happen to our brains when we hear a story.

Your brand’s videos should incorporate storytelling also, even mobile videos on Facebook. Customers connect with brands that place them in the hero’s seat of the story. It makes it easier for them to picture themselves benefiting from your product. 

Taylor Landrum