How to Tell a Story People Will Listen To

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Something incredible happens inside our minds when we hear a great story. We lose our perspective on time and we feel completely plugged into the narration of the story, waiting for everything to completely unfold and learn everything about the hero’s journey.

As a business, the first step is recognizing your product is not the hero of your brand’s story. Your customer is the hero, and your brand is what helps them overcome the challenges they face so they can achieve their goals. The hero is usually the center of the story. Listeners become vested in the hero as they see what led them to where they are, and the challenges they face as they try to achieve their goals.

When we listen to stories, we are able to place ourselves in the hero’s shoes and experience what it’s like to be them. That’s why storytelling is being strongly adopted as a communication style for brands. When a brand tells their story, their customer is able to place themselves in the story and be the hero. It adds a layer of comfort and reassurance as customers are making purchase decisions.

Before you tell your brand’s story to the world, you need to learn what makes a story captivating. These are some of the best ways to craft a story your audience will listen to and some tools to help you get there.

Be authentic

Consumers have a stronger response to authentic content. It doesn't feel manufactured. It comes off as handcrafted. 58% of consumers viewed user-generated content (UGC) as the most authentic form of content from brands. This makes viewers 2.4x more likely to respond to UGC over branded content. Creating content that follows the same style as UGC is a great way for consumers to see what it’s really like to engage with your products. 

Get to the point

When people come across messages from brands, we are sifting through the script to find the information that matters to us. Getting to the point makes it easier for your customers to see the value right away in your brand without needing to search for it. Your customers can make a purchase decision much faster when they have the information they need. 

Use your resources

There are some great tools out there to help you craft your brand’s story. Books, podcasts, and even in-person workshops are out there to help you develop a story that captivates your audience.

Top Book - Story Mythos: A Movie Guide to Better Business Stories

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Every movie you’ve seen is a story. Directors and screenwriters are some of society’s expert storytellers today. The foundation of every story can be applied to the business world as well.  Shane Meeker is a corporate storyteller and keynote speaker, and he takes his on stage and off stage experience to teach us all how to tell our stories.

Grab your copy here.

Top Podcast - Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller

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While listening to this podcast, you'll immediately want to redo your website, social media strategy, brochures, and business cards. This show covers the concept of storytelling in business, and the StoryBrand process will change the way you speak with everyone you interact with.

Top Workshop - The Story Studio Workshop

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The Story Studio will transform the way you communicate your ideas. You will learn how to take an idea, boil it down to its bare essentials, and build it back up to a 3-6 minute pitch that gets people excited about it!

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