Why Customer Experience is so Important for Brands

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The digital world we live in has made the noise level rise for every industry. Unique selling propositions and authentic communication are essential for standing out above the noise level, but there is one area your brand should never overlook – customer experience. Your marketing efforts get your customers in the door, but your customer experience is what determines if they return.


We’ve skyrocketed into the most advanced technological age our world has ever known, so, understandably, we want to see what's out there. There are too many options for all of us - a blessing and a curse at times. Due to the number of options and noise that exists in every market, consumers have learned to tune out a lot of what they hear. Getting their attention requires creativity, and making them want to come back requires good business.


Marketing and communications are vital for brands to get new customers and increase trial purchases – but it’s only a fraction of the battle. The more significant part of the challenge is retaining your customers and building loyalty between your customers and your brand. That is why customer experience and proper business etiquette are vital for brands to succeed in today's competitive landscape.


Let's be clear; there is no such thing as a brand that has never pissed off a customer. Mistakes happen, and every company has dropped the ball before. When you run into these types of situations – and you will – your customer experience is the last line of defense before losing your customer and receiving a one-star review. We all want to feel valued and appreciated by the companies we patronize. When a brand emphasizes keeping the customer happy, that typically leads to higher retention and loyalty.


Handshakes are everything

Your brand's handshake is the first and most crucial element of customer experience. Your handshake includes your packaging, business cards, and anything else your customer touches. It's how you make your first impression, and you only get one first impression.


Sit down, be humble

Any member of your team that has the capability of influencing the customer experience should understand one thing – your brand is not the end-all-be-all. It is an honor to earn someone’s business, and there are plenty of other companies that would be happy to have your customers purchasing their products.


Thank your customers

Thanking your customers is respectful and essential for doing good business. It communicates your humility and shows that you do care if they come back. Personalized thank you’s – like handwritten notes or a happy birthday message – resonate with consumers much longer and leave a lasting positive impact.

Closing Thoughts

Developing your customer experience is an investment in the long-term health of your company. All shoppers today, old and young, are loyal to brands for that very reason. Think of the way a small-town butcher shop did business back in the 1950s. They learned everyone’s names, they packaged everything tight and neat, and they thanked their customers. The world needs more of that.

Taylor Landrum