7 Remarkable Examples of Strong Video Marketing

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Video marketing is here. It is an essential and impactful way for marketing teams to communicate with their audience. Since video content is popular and effective, there are lots of brands out there doing it.


There is no doubt that video marketing can be an effective way to attract new customers and retain your current base. It takes time, and a lot of hard work to get there.


Before you can set the bar for everyone else, you should understand what brands are out there setting the bar today. Use these brands as inspiration if you are in the beginning stages of video marketing.

1. Grammarly

Who they’re targeting

Whether you’re a college student, part-time blog writer, or career journalist, you understand how difficult it can be to write. Poor grammar, weak sentence structure, and passive voice are easy to fall victim to when you’ve been writing for hours upon hours.


Grammarly launched an incredible platform to help writers overcome those challenges. It's a tool that proofreads everything for you. It identifies misspelled words, long sentences, passive voice, overused words, etc. After you run your documents through the Grammarly tool, you end up with a beautiful, well-written paper.


Why their videos work

In all of their marketing videos, Grammarly wastes no time getting to the point. Their videos show a customer struggling and slowly climbing their way to conquering the common writing challenges they face.


Grammarly uses storytelling in all of their marketing videos. These videos make it easy for writers to place themselves in the shoes of the person they are watching. Their videos are short and sweet, all averaging less than 1 minute.


2. Zerto

Who they’re targeting

There’s no doubt we live in a world full of massive amounts of data. Companies rely on IT teams to collect, store, and keep their data safe. Losing that valuable data could cause an entire company to collapse – yikes!


IT teams are in a perpetual state of backups, which slows everything down and hurts other areas of the company. Zerto’s platform makes backing up data simple and lightning fast, turning your data storage process into a well-oiled machine.


Why their videos work

Zerto’s offerings contain a lot of technical information, which can be confusing to a lot of people. They put that technical information into a simple video format while making it entertaining, and it’s all under 2 minutes long. These marketing videos immediately address the pain point IT teams are facing, and explain it in a way that leadership can understand.


3. Old Spice 

Who they’re targeting

Just because Old Spice sells men's products, it doesn't necessarily mean they are exclusively selling to men. In this marketing video, you can quickly identify that this ad is targeted towards women.


Women appreciate when their male partner smells incredible. Old Spice did a massive revamp of their body washes, which resulted in some pretty incredible smelling products.


Why their videos work

Old Spice keeps their videos entertaining and straightforward, all while telling a story. They engage their customers in viral-style videos that get straight to the point.


4. Quip 

Who they’re targeting

We’ve all heard from dentists that we need to brush our teeth for 2 minutes twice a day. Counting to 120 in your own head can feel like an eternity. Most electric toothbrushes are far too expensive, so most of us opt for the standard plastic handle brush.


Quip decided to make a product that is the best of both worlds. It looks like a standard toothbrush with the functionality of an electric brush. It has all the features you need in an electric brush at an affordable price.


Why their videos work

Quip's entire brand is simplistic, including their videos. Their videos are simple and easy to understand, and they don't even use sound! Quip shows how simple the ordering process is, and the ease of using their brushes. For a shopper that is looking for a no-frills, high-quality electric toothbrush, Quip has the best story to tell.



5. Net32

Who they’re targeting

Net32 understands the struggle of supply ordering for dentists. There are thousands of sales reps out there, and once you find the right one, it's hard to step away. This makes dentists feel locked in with no options.


Then, Net32 was born. This is an online marketplace for dental supplies without all the sales reps. It lets dentists shop around for the best prices on supplies without chaining them to one single supplier.


Why their videos work

Dentists are busy, busy, busy. Especially if that dentist is running their own office. The time it takes to see patients and manage their staff doesn’t leave much time for anything else.


Net32’s video is just over a minute long, so it’s easy for dentists to watch. It gets straight to the point and cuts out all the fluff, making the value in their product stand out right away.


6. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day 

Who they’re targeting

For the natural-products consumer, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is the go-to cleaning product. They do away with all of the crappy chemicals and focus on making the product smell great in a natural way.


Mrs. Meyer’s is targeting mothers who have children. These are mothers that are more environmentally conscious, and who enjoy a clean feeling and smelling home.


Why their videos work

Talk about storytelling! Mrs. Meyer's videos are the true essence of storytelling and video marketing combined. The story is simple to follow, heartwarming, and easy for viewers to envision themselves in the story.


Not to mention their videos are short and sweet. The one shared above is one of their longer videos at just over 1 minute. They also have a beautiful collection of 16-second product videos that are worth the watch!


7. Subaru

Who they’re targeting

Subaru has a very long history of making safe and dependable vehicles. Adventurers and families are usually the primary focus of Subaru's ads. Not only are their cars safe and reliable, they are also affordable.


Why their videos work

Most car companies boast about how superior their newest line of vehicles is – not Subaru. Each of their videos sells the long-term experience it has with consumers. They establish an emotional connection with their audience by telling a relatable and realistic story. If you are a target customer for Subaru, it's impossible not to see yourself in their commercials.


Closing thoughts

You’ll see a common theme between all of these great examples of video marketing. All of these videos are below 2 minutes, follow a storytelling format, and get straight to the point. There are other unique aspects from each video that make them great, but you get the idea.


There are many other brands out there making killer marketing videos. These are a select handful worth discussing. They encompass the core elements that make a great marketing video, and they were executed beautifully.


Take what you’ve learned from each video and use it as inspiration for your video content. These brands are setting the bar for video marketing. Now it’s your turn to set the bar for them.

Taylor Landrum