Founders Note

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‘Make Rad Stuff With Rad People’ is a foundational principle on which Abraham and I built Hambone Collective. We want to be relational with both our clients and those we partner with to make videos we’re proud of… videos that connect people with tools and services that genuinely make their lives better. 

You make things that matter, things that improve someone’s life in some way -- maybe it’s providing a technology that automates a tedious task so an IT Director can finally make it to his kids soccer game, or a service that cuts down the cost of administration so a non-profit can spend more of its resources saving lives in a third world country. Whatever it is… the things you make are important. But in creating any product or service, you tend to live in the minutia of details. How it works, all of the features, user testing, iteration… and that burden of knowledge can lead to a high-level disconnect to the people who matter most: your customers. Hambone Collective comes in, understands your audience and speaks directly to them… in a way much deeper than a list of features and benefits. 

You spend your time making awesome things, we help you tell the world about it. Reach out to us if you’d like some help communicating why you, your product, service, or company rules. We’d love to chat. 

Justin Boh
Creative Director/Co-founder
Hambone Collective

Justin Boh