Who is Hambone, really?

ABRAHAM MORENO | Account Manager

Abe(raham) studied graphic design at the University of Texas and worked as a designer for 5+ years. After having grown up in Texas (Yes, he's a Cowboys fan - poor Abe), the Seattle native moved back to the Pacific NW and landed at Epipheo. There he was a Producer and Account Manager helping startups and Fortune 100 companies think through their video strategy. His background in graphic design, experience working with big and small companies, and sincere desire to see people succeed at what they're doing makes him the perfect fit to serve our clients.  

Abe has had the pleasure of working on projects with these fine folks: 

JUSTIN BOH | Creative Director

Justin is a Creative Director with a storytellers’s heart. He's spent the past six years crafting clear and compelling narratives, specifically utilizing the medium of video. He learned the importance and basics of storytelling at Epipheo, then moved on to sharpen those skills at ChoreMonster. While at ChoreMonster, Justin created and directed the 'MonsterShorts' and 'SuperShorts' animated series.  He’s worked on projects for Facebook, Google, Disney/Pixar, Fox, Dreamworks, P&G, startups, and non-profits alike. Justin is Kentucky born-and-bred and loves the Bluegrass State... but he wears shoes (most of the time) and only likes fried chicken a little bit.

Justin has worked on projects for some really cool companies. Here are just a few: